• A walk-through of your room or home (depending on the size of your project) to figure out your decorating style and how you live in the space
  • Discussion of a budget that you are comfortable with so I know whether everything you want to do is possible or we need to  work in phases
  • Before pictures of your space so at the end of the project you will be able to see how far we've come
  • Advice on furniture placement and editing. Sometimes all you need is a different point of view and it all looks new again
  • Advice on paint colors that will harmonize with your existing finishes without having to use those tiny paint store chips or fan deck
  • Lighting ideas that brighten things up or create a cozy atmosphere for you and your family
  • Furniture and accessories that will enhance your personal design style
  • Styling for those hard to figure out bookcases, fireplace mantels, or wall niches
Work with Diva by Design Harlingen Interior Decorating Design Work Session
  • Mixing patterns, colors, and design styles in a way that creates a unique and personalized home that fits how you live
  • Brainstorm window treatment concepts so you can choose blinds, curtains, or drapes with confidence

This a working meeting so you get access to all my creativity and design know-how packed into a one, two, or three hour session. What we can accomplish will depend on the amount of time we spend together. You will have the beginning basics of a realistic, unique, and personalized design plan for your space. Make sure to have pen and paper ready so you can take lots of notes during our conversation. That way you will have a record of what we discussed during the work session. You can use these notes to DIY or you can keep them for reference once we get started on an interior design or re-design project together.


A Design Work Session is $250 for up to two hours. If you think we'll need more time because we're hanging art and moving furniture, you can add more time at $95 per hour.  To schedule your Design Work Session, contact me through the Contact page here on the website, or "Like" my Facebook page Diva by Design Interiors and send a message there. Don't wait too long. These spots fill up fast!