Today is all about the latest color trends and how to add them to update your home decor. Many times, you pick a color and then paint it, use it in your upholstery and you want to keep it because you invested money in your home. Then you want to update without changing everything.

I went to Vegas a couple of weeks ago to the World Market and there I saw a lot of new things. I noticed a lot of colors that are getting more and more popular. Lately it’s been grey everything and that has been around for the past five years, six, if not more. Now that it’s in all the stores, it’s actually starting to fade away in popularity. People still ask for it but what’s coming out instead of gray is greige and mushroom. So they’re adding beige to everybody’s favorite.


Update Your Home Decor with Green


One of the colors that I personally noticed the most was green. I’m not talking about a pale green, or a lime green. I am talking about bottle green. I saw it in velvet sofas and chairs. Mostly a big green statement piece to put in your living room.


update your home decor green Diva by Design harlingen interior designer interior decorator


It was very pretty and I encourage you to look at green as an option to go with grey. There are different ways you can use it. You can do the sofa, the chair, also add it in pillows, and your accessories. A good way to add green that you’re not going to get tired of is with your plants.

I always encourage people to use real plants in their home because plants clean the air. You can use Green with the next two colors on the list.


Update Your Home Decor with Blush


Blush is a very popular color right now and has been gaining in popularity.  It’s a good color to choose to update it because blush and grey look good together. You can use it on your walls and it makes your skin look great. Put it in the pillows, throw blankets, your accessories and art. It’s a nice neutral color, but it’s still a little bit of color if you’re afraid of adding a lot. You can use blush with green. It offsets that bright, saturated green.


update your home decor with blush Diva by Design mcallen interior designer interior decorator


You can also use blush with the next two colors.


Update Your Home Decor with Plum


The third color you can update your home decor with is plum. That one is also nice because it’s kind of greyish purple-y color. It’s not the Barney purple so it’s not ‘in your face’ with purple, but it looks great with grey, greige, and the mushroom colors that are starting to become more popular right now.


update your home decor with plum Diva by Design brownsville interior designer interior decorator


You can mix it with blush. Plum and blush are a pretty combination. And you can use it on your walls. I have a client who painted this curved wall in her kitchen, plum. We added mirrors and you can see that picture in my blog post, How to Decorate with Mirrors. You can use plum on your walls, in your accessories, use it with neutrals to bring in some color. It’s really nice. It blends well, I even added some wall paper with a plum background.

If you have mushroom colored walls use plum-colored drapes. You can actually use plum with green as well. Choose a deeper color instead of heading towards lavender.


Update Your Home Decor with Navy


Number four is navy. You may have seen that all over the place lately on walls. You can paint your front door navy. It’s a good color if you don’t wanna go full black. Using navy on your walls doesn’t make your room look dark. It actually looks really nice and I’ve done a few walls in a darker blue going towards navy.


update your home decor with navy Diva by Design league city interior designer interior decorator


A darker blue is pretty and sophisticated. Use it in your area rugs, pillows, drapes. Mix it with blush. That’s a nice combination. If you like the navy and white combination, which is one of my favorites, use color number five.


Update Your Home with Mustard


The fifth color that you may not realize is starting to gain popularity is mustard. Or a deep gold color. Not quite the seventies harvest gold, but a little bit more yellow.

If you want to mix in mustard, do it in small doses because that can be a another one of those colors like the green, that’s in your face. And if you’re only wanting to update, again, use it in your pillows, accessories, and in your throw blankets, and this is one of those words that I don’t like, but it is a good ‘pop’ of color. It’s a good in a small dose.


update your home decor with mustard Diva by Design harlingen interior designer interior decorator


And you may, after a while, decide that you like it so much that you want to paint your walls that color. My favorite room to use that mustard-y gold color paint is in a west-facing room. The reason that I like it so much is because when the sun goes down and you get that glow in the evening, those walls will absolutely glow and it’s very pretty.

Mustard is one of those colors that people either hate or love. If you want to learn to love it, that’s the room to paint that color.

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