Let’s talk about how to increase natural light in your home. Why you need it, how to control it, the good and the bad, and in feng shui the Yin and the Yang.


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I personally think that there should always be natural light in your home. Why? It’s much better during the day.

  1. We all need our vitamin D
  2. you don’t have to turn on your lamps in the middle of the day, and
  3. it saves on electricity, especially in the summer when it’s so hot.

Here in the South we have plenty of natural light. Plenty! We get way too much of it sometimes. But if you live in a place where you don’t get a lot of natural light, how does that make you feel? You hear about SAD, that darker rooms give you low energy and make you feel tired. It causes your rooms to feel stagnant because there’s no energy moving around to liven things up a little.

In feng shui too little light is Yin. If there’s too little light it’s depressing to your spirit. By that I mean if you spend too much time in the dark rooms, or if you work in an office with no natural light at all, it gets depressing. If that’s the case you need to get up move around and go find a window just stand in front of it for a little while or go outside.

If you have a room that has too little light, the first thing you can do is to stop and please, please listen to me. Very carefully! Stop putting aluminum foil on your windows! Okay? Just don’t do it! Back away from the aluminum foil! Why? It’s cheap. I know. It’s cheap. It’s ugly. It looks really, really tacky when you’re driving by and you see all the windows covered with foil and in the middle of the day it blinds your neighbors! All that sun bouncing off that aluminum foil. Yes it’s darkening your room, but now you live in a cave.

What you can do instead is use curtains instead of drapes. The difference? Curtains are not lined so the light filters through the fabric and drapes are lined so they block more of the light.

The third thing you can do is, if you have the telescoping curtain rods, you can lengthen them to pull the curtains back. This leaves a wider window opening so that more light comes in and it’s not blocked by the curtains or drapes. Pull them back so that it only covers an inch or two of the window opening.

The fourth thing you can do is to use mirrors in your room. In feng shui, they tell you not to put mirrors on the wall opposite the window because a window opening represents a way for energy to get into your room. If you put the mirror opposite the window it’s going to bounce the energy right back out. But if you put a mirror perpendicular to the window it’s going to bounce light out into the room. And that’s a good way to bring more natural light into your space.

The opposite, too much sun, can give you headaches, cause you to have a bad temper from too much energy moving around your room, plus in the summer it’s really, really hot. In feng shui, too much sun is Yang. It fades fabrics, furniture, wood, and your paint.

Instead of aluminum foil, use drapes for the lining to cover a little bit more of your window. If you already have curtains and you don’t want to replace them or line them, add shades behind them in the window that you can pull down to control the light during the day. Do the same thing if you have drapes.


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One more thing you can do is change the screens on your windows with darker screens that will block out the UV rays and keep your fabrics and your furniture from fading from the sun light. It can damage upholstery, curtains, drapes, and you want to protect your investment.

It’s basically all about balance.

If you need help to increase natural light or decrease natural light in your home, I can help. One of the services I provide is custom window treatment design, fabrication, and installation. I have a great team and we can create something that will change the whole feeling of your home.

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