The first week of August, I went to Las Vegas Market. What is Las Vegas Market? It’s basically a big shopping mall. But, it’s one you can only visit with your interior designer. You can’t go unless you’re with me! I found quite a few new design ideas, but one that I saw that really stood out to me. It had to do with mirrors. So I thought I’d share with you some new ideas about how to decorate with mirrors.

I saw a lot of mirrors. I saw big mirrors, small mirrors, in between mirrors. That’s one of my favorite things to use in a design.My favorite thing about mirrors is basically the frame. I like the big chunky frames. In fact, my favorite mirror is the sun burst mirror. It’s one that never truly goes out of style. It’s a classic.

What stood out to me about the mirrors were walls of mirrors. And I’m not talking about the 1970’s big old wall of mirrors with the veining and the smoky glass. I’m talking about multiples of the same mirror. You know, not one or two, or three, or four, I’m talking about 12, 15, 20. Big wall of mirrors that go all the way up to the ceiling making a big statement. And, it’s not a collection of different types of mirrors. What what I saw were the same mirror or similar mirrors used as a group instead of one large mirror.

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But, what’s so great about a wall of mirrors and why am I telling you how to decorate with mirrors? People still talk about painting an accent wall and my thing is, “Okay the 1990’s called and they want their accent wall back.” A much more up to date version of the accent wall would be to use wallpaper, but if you don’t want to do that use mirrors.

Buy nine or twelve smaller mirrors and group them up the wall above a console table. You can do that in your entry way, or you can put it in your dining room. If you don’t have a china cabinet, you can do a sideboard which is basically the bottom half of the china cabinet. Then do the same thing, have your mirrors going up the wall from there with a couple of buffet lamps on either side. That would be very pretty You could also use them at the end of a long hallway that doesn’t get a lot of light because mirrors bounce the natural light and the hallway wouldn’t be so long and dark. I talk more about how to increase natural light in your home HERE.


how to decorate with mirrors Diva by Design harlingen interior decorator mcallen interior decorator rio grande valley interior decorator



In feng shui, mirrors are used two different ways. One, they’re used to move energy. Putting a mirror perpendicular to window to bounce the light out into the room and to move the energy that comes in from outside. And the other way is as a double. Anything that you see in the mirror obviously is going to be doubled. In feng shui, they like to use mirrors in the dining room to reflect the table and that symbolizes wealth and good fortune. When you have the food on the table and you double it, that’s a symbolic way of saying you have more.

I’m not really superstitious, but in feng shui the wall of mirrors that I’ve been talking about is actually a no-no. The reason is because you’re supposed to use the big wall of mirrors or one large mirror that doesn’t cut off your reflection. But since I’m not superstitious, I say go for it because I really like the way it looks. I did a smaller version of this in one of my clients homes on a curved wall in their kitchen. As you can see in the picture, I mixed small mirrors with three-dimensional pieces to turn their wall into a statement. I originally wanted to fill the entire wall top to bottom with the same small mirror, but since they have a toddler, I figured that would not be a good idea. So, I found a compromise.


how to decorate with mirrors


Before you make any changes in your home, always consider who lives there and how you actually use your space. This is where someone like me, an interior designer or decorator can help you. We ask lots of questions that you may not have thought about so that we can give you a design plan and ideas that will fit you. If you’re ready to get started on your next interior design project or need help with how to decorate with mirrors in your home, CLICK HERE.


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