Do you collect something? And if you do, have you ever wondered how to decorate with collections?  I personally don’t, though you might say that I have a collection of horses, because I used to have four. One of them went to be with Jesus, a couple of years ago, but I still have three and I started out with two. They seem to multiply very quickly. Especially when you love them.

You could also say that I have a collection of horse statues, or figures that I use in my own home decor. But it isn’t something I do intentionally and I don’t have very many because I don’t want to overwhelm my house with a bunch of stuff. So I’m careful about what I choose to put in my house because I don’t want there to be so much that it becomes clutter.


How to Decorate with Collections Tip #1


how to decorate with collections Diva by Design Harlingen interior designer


The first thing that I want to say about how to decorate with collections is to keep them together. Especially if you have lots of small items that are similar. You want to group them together because they make a bigger impact when you see them that way instead of spreading them throughout your house.

You can also use your collections to inspire the color scheme in your house. If it’s a really big collection, you can group similar things together in different rooms, but still keeping them within a boundary.


How to Decorate with Collections Tip #2


 how to decorate with collections focal wall Diva by Design Harlingen interior decorator
From the Mercana showroom at Las Vegas Summer Market 2017


The second thing you can do with a collection is to make a focal wall. Like I talked about a couple of weeks ago in my post How to Decorate with Mirrors, you can group them on a wall and take that whole collection up to the ceiling. If it’s something that can sit on a shelf um you can make a whole wall of it and it adds your personality into your home, which is very important. Because if you’re not comfortable in your own home, how can you expect to make other people feel comfortable, while they’re visiting you.


How to Decorate with Collections Tip #3



how to decorate with collections Diva by Design league city interior designer


If you have inherited a collection, you can group all of it together in a cabinet. You can use a small, narrow cabinet with mirrors and glass shelves that won’t overpower a room.

And if you have inherited a collection that you don’t necessarily love but it reminds you of someone who you love another good way to keep it together is to get shadow boxes. If they’re small enough things you can group them all in a big… one big shadow box… you can use three or four shadow boxes.

You can use that as a gallery wall, or you can add those shadow boxes Into your gallery wall of your family portraits to kinda break it up and make it a little bit more interesting.


How to Decorate with Collections Tip #4


how to decorate with collections gallery wall Diva by Design Harlingen interior designer
From the Leftbank Art showroom at Las Vegas Summer Market 2017


A fourth idea for your collection is to not let it overpower you. Only choose the best of your collection to show off at any one time. Store some of it away so that you can then switch some of it out when you get tired of looking at it. Make it a revolving display.

Or, if you have an empty hallway and you don’t know what to put on the walls, try using your collection. Hang shelves and fill up that empty wall space that’s kinda staring at you. You can treat your collection like an art installation with the narrow gallery shelves and put some of the lighting that you would for art or paintings.

When you do use your collection as a focal point on a wall, leave space around it. Don’t fill up the entire wall. You can do that if it’s a total blank wall and you don’t have furniture. Leave some blank space because that will give your eye a place to rest.

Don’t fill up every little space because then it, It can become visual clutter. That’s something that I like to teach people to avoid because the empty space can bring a sense of calm to your chaos. Adding the Yin to the Yang like in feng shui.

If you’re going to start a collection, make sure that it’s something that you truly love. Don’t just say, ” Oh, you know what? I have an empty wall. I’m going to start a collection.” Only do that if you truly are a collector at heart.


If you have a collection that you need help “wrangling in” or need help figuring out where to display it in your own home, CLICK HERE, and let’s get together for a Design Work Session.

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