When you’re trying to figure out how to choose fabric prints for your home and with all the choices out there, it can get time consuming. Or at the very least it can be frustrating. I have a simple fix for that if you’re into feng shui.

Why not link your fabric pattern to the feng shui element of your room?

Here’s how to choose fabric prints with feng shui:

  1. Fire element – the shape associated with Fire is a triangle. A Fire element room is in the South. Try using diamond, zig-zag, chevron, or star-shaped patterns.


how to choose fabric prints Diva by Design Mcallen interior designer feng shui fire element


2. Water element – irregular, curved, or wavy lines represent Water. The Water element is in the North. Prints with wavy lines, water, or even nautical designs will work.


how to choose fabric prints Diva by Design harlingen interior decorator feng shui water element



3. Earth element – Squares are for Earth. This is in the Southwest and the Northeast. Choose checks, plaids, or square shaped trellis patterns.


how to choose fabric prints with a twist Diva by Design Harlingen interior designer feng shui earth element fabric


4. Metal element – This one is a dome or arch. The Metal element is in the Northwest and the West. Polka dots are a good choice here.


how to choose fabric prints Diva by Design mcallen interior decorator feng shui metal element fabric


5. Wood element – Upright shapes like trees are Wood. Try using these prints in a n East or Southeast facing room. You can get literal and use prints with trees and leaves, or more figurative with vertical stripes.


how to choose fabric prints Diva by Design Harlingen Mcallen interior designer feng shui wood element fabric


It’s really that easy!


I’m Christina Rodriguez of Diva by Design in Harlingen, Texas and I am in the business of transforming interiors to help improve your physical, spiritual, and mental well-being, encourage positive relationships, and stimulate the growth of wealth in your business and at home. You can read more about Diva by Design here.  If you need help choosing fabrics for your home, I have lots of fabric samples to choose from and I bring them right to your home. You can contact me by clicking on the CONTACT menu option at the top of the page and sending an email through the form there. We can schedule a Design Work Session and go from there.

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