Let’s talk about your guest room. Now is the time to start thinking about holiday visitors and getting your guest room decor ready to go. Don’t wait until the week before they show up, especially if you need help from a designer to get it all pulled together.

Have you heard this before? “Oh we’ll just stay at a hotel. We don’t want to bother you.”  I have because I don’t have a guest room. My house is tiny and I don’t have room for one so they don’t have a choice. I feel your pain. So here we go!


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Reason 1 Why Your Guest Room Decor is Driving People Away


The bed that you put in the guest room is uncomfortable. When you got a new mattress did you put your old one into the guest room? Guess what? You don’t want to sleep on it. Your guests don’t want to sleep on it.

Did you throw the old sheets on there too? Well, you know what? When you go to visit somebody and they take the time to put new sheets on the bed and make it look nice… you know that they went the extra mile for you and it makes you feel good. You know that they care about your comfort. Do the same for your guests.

If you throw all your old stuff in there and say, “Oh, they won’t mind.” Well, maybe they won’t. But if you really want them to be happy while they’re staying with you, do that little bit more because it makes them feel important.


Reason 2 Why Your Guest Room Decor is Driving People Away


The room is either too cold or too hot. We get used to the temperature that our air conditioner or heater is set on. We’re used to it. We don’t notice it anymore because it’s comfortable for us. But for your guests, it may not be. They may like it more cold. They may like it more hot.

So add a fan. It doesn’t have to be a ceiling fan. It can be a table fan.  Also if the room’s too cold, add some extra blankets. Put in those extra little touches that make people feel like they are important to you.


Reason 3 Why Your Guest Room Decor is Driving People Away


The room is too bright or too dark. We don’t always think about the guest room because we don’t stay in it.  Make sure that you have either blackout drapes or shades for when your guests want to sleep in. They’re visiting., They’re having a little vacation. Who wants to get up early all the time?

If your guest room is too dark and you only have one overhead light in the room, add some lamps. Table lamps and/or a floor lamp. So that they can see to move around or even for reading before they go to sleep.


Reason 4 Why Your Guest Room is Driving People Away


Is your guest room near a bathroom? There’s a reason that I ask. Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time my parents closed in their garage and used it as a guest room. Nice big room, but it was on the other side of the house from the bathroom.

One night after everyone went to bed, my mom went around the house and locked all the doors. We happened to have a guest at the time and she got a phone call the middle of the night. “Hey I’m out here can you come unlock the door so I can get back in the house to use the bathroom?”

It was very funny, but things like that are what you need to think of when you have a guest room or to know if your guests are going to be comfortable.


Reason 5 Why Your Guest Room Decor is Driving People Away


Is your guest room where you store all the stuff you don’t want anymore? You might want to think about clearing it out. That way, your guests aren’t having to move boxes around or maneuver around things like treadmills. You know, the one you thought you were going use but didn’t.

Clear it out even if it’s only temporary.  Then your guests are going to want to come back and stay with you again because you treated them so well.


If you currently don’t have a guest room and you want advice on where you could add one, or you need help setting up your current guest room… I have a Fall Refresh Special going on right now. We can re-design one room in your house using the furniture you already have. It doesn’t have to be the guest room. It can be your living room or any other room in your home.