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You’ve upgraded everything in your home. Shiny new floor tile, counter tops in polished granite, leather furniture, glass and chrome everywhere. It’s beautiful, but it feels cold and sterile. All those smooth, shiny surfaces are causing the energy in your space to slide along too quickly and it’s making you feel uncomfortable in your own home.


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Like interior design, feng shui isn’t only about how your home looks. It’s also about how it feels. Another thing about feng shui is Yin and Yang. Balancing hard with soft, dark with light, calm with excitement. This balance is what brings good fortune or creates positive energy. When you have only one type of texture in a space, it throws everything off balance. So, how do you fix it?



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Add an area rug to warm up those cold tile floors. Bring in elements of nature like plants, shells. or baskets. Change some of that leather furniture to fabric upholstery.


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Try a couple of these changes to soften and slow down the energy that flows through your home or office. See for yourself the difference that adding a little more texture can make.

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