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Right now we’re talking about this year’s fall decorating trends. Fall doesn’t actually get here until Friday, September 22. Though I’ve noticed that once it turns September 1st, everybody gets excited and says, “Oh fall weather, fall weather!” And of course “pumpkin spice” everything starts showing up.

Right now it’s still hurricane weather, and not only are our thoughts and prayers with the people who are affected by Hurricane Harvey, but now we have Hurricane Irma to contend with in Florida. I happen to have family and friends who live in Florida as well as in Houston and I’m happy to report that they are safe. I wrote about What to do After a Flood and if you know someone who this blog post could help, please click on the title and share it with them.

Right now you can go into any store and see pumpkins. You’ll see a lot of orange, and a lot of Halloween, and Fall decorating trends are on our minds even if the weather is still hot. I usually don’t decorate for Fall but since I have a special Holiday decorating service, I thought I’d start off with Fall decor in my own house and show you what’s on trend this year.


fall decorating trends 2017 Diva by Design harlingen interior designer coffee table centerpiece


The Fall decorating trends this year are neutrals, tone on tone, whites and tans. Add to that lots of texture. Dried cotton bolls, deer antlers, faux fur and velvet. Mix in the white and green heirloom pumpkins and you have an easy Fall vignette that you can show off on top of your piano, a console table in your entry, your coffee table, or even a dining table centerpiece.

If the neutrals aren’t enough for you, add color. I added blue and white hydrangea and blue and white ceramics that I always have in my house. Blue and white can also be neutral but adds that hint of color you might miss. You can also add your collections in with your fall decorating. It’s a good way to display them and have a reason to use them. I talked about how to display your collections in my blog post How to Decorate with Collections. Always display the things that you love.


fall decorating trends 2017 Diva by Design harlingen interior designer decorating a piano top


If you love orange, then go for it. Bring in all of those fall colors, especially if you live in a part of the country that has the changing of the leaves. Believe me, I’m very jealous because I only get to see those in pictures. I don’t get to see them in person.

Another Fall decorating trend is white pumpkins with glitter, metallic pumpkins, and metallic candle holders. It doesn’t matter what color metal you choose. It all looks good though copper is popular right now.

Remember all those lanterns that have been popular lately? Don’t put them away. Fill them with white beans, black beans or coffee beans and put a candle in there that smells really nice. Or you can use those battery operated fairy lights instead of a candle.

Magnolia leaves are on trend right now because of the popularity of Farmhouse style decorating. Fall decorating usually has a farmhouse feel anyway since it’s harvest time. If you’re on Pinterest, you know you’re going to see Farmhouse. Farmhouse everything.

Another good Fall decorating trend is taking styrofoam pumpkins and decoupaging fabric on to them. You can use any color that you want that way. You don’t have to stick with the typical orange and yellow Fall colors.


Get a head start on decorating for Fall. If you would like help coming up with a theme or want someone to do it for you, my Holiday Decorating Service is perfect for you! Click on the link to book an appointment now. If your home needs a Fall Refresh before company starts arriving for the holidays, book a Design Work Session today. The cut off for ordering furniture that will arrive before Christmas is October 13th! It’s the same every year and after that date you won’t see your new things until after December.

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