Since Joanna and Chip Gaines and Farmhouse style decor have become so popular lately, I have been asked to design more than one client’s home this way. Some have large budgets, others have smaller budgets but they all love the look. It’s easy to get whatever look you want with a large budget. We all know that. But what do you do when your budget is tight, or feels non-existent? I have a few tips.

The space I am going to show you is part of a master bedroom project I have been working on. The budget was small but the result doesn’t have to be. I started with an addition that had been added to the room. My client had closed in part of their front porch to add some space and originally used it for a game room/exercise room.

They decided to revert it back to a master bedroom and needed a place to put their desk and a sewing table. On a tight budget, one of the least expensive ways to make a change with a big impact is to paint. In this case, I also found a dramatic wallpaper with a large pattern repeat from Home Depot. It wouldn’t break the bank but would definitely make a statement.

Since the space is small, I used the wallpaper to cover it all. Why not?


fabulous farmhouse style decor master bedroom study area Diva by Design Harlingen interior designer Mcallen interior decorator


The area rug was one the homeowner already owned and had all of the colors used in the design. This is another tip: pull your color palette from an area rug or favorite piece of art. It’s something you already love.

The desk and the sewing table belong to the client and like I said before, a quick coat of paint will update just about anything as long as it’s in good condition. They look brand new but the only cost was for the paint. A chandelier re-purposed from another room and also painted white adds to the Farmhouse style decor feel.

The black painted Windsor chairs along with the area rug ground the space. If you’re handy at sewing, making pillows isn’t very hard and will save money as well. The most expensive part of the space would be the Roman blinds. Saving up to have them custom-made is worth the expense because you will get what you want and they will last.


fabulous farmhouse style decor master bedroom desk area Diva by Design Harlingen interior decorator League City interior designer


Here’s another view of the desk area where I suggested adding shelving that stretches from wall to wall. You can build them yourself to save a little money, or have someone else build them for you. Wall shelves aren’t very expensive but they add lots of storage space and look good with all your accessories and books.

You can find corbels at yard sales, vintage shops, or at architectural salvage yards. The ribbon board you can also make yourself or find one at a craft store. Are you feeling the Farmhouse style decor yet?


Fabulous farmhouse style decor master bedroom sewing table area Diva by Design harlingen interior decorator Brownsville interior designer


For the sewing machine area, I added more shelving to store all those sewing supplies. It’s crazy how fast your stuff adds up isn’t it? I also placed a task light that hangs on the wall. If it was a table lamp, it might get in the way of the fabric while sewing. This way you have the light from the machine plus the lamp but they aren’t in the way. There’s a lot of Farmhouse style decor here for not a lot of money.


If you want to update your home, but your budget is small, why not hire me to give you a design plan that you can follow on your own like this homeowner? I call it DIY Design and you can call me to talk about what you need and/or to get your project started. To contact me CLICK HERE.