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Decorating Trends

How To Get Fabulous Farmhouse Style Decor On A Tight Budget

Since Joanna and Chip Gaines and Farmhouse style decor have become so popular lately, I have been asked to design more than one client’s home this way. Some have large budgets, others have smaller budgets but they all love the look. It’s easy to get whatever look you want with a large budget. We all know that. But what do you do when your budget is tight, or feels non-existent? I have a few tips.

The space I am going to show you is part of a master bedroom project I have been working on. The budget was small but the result doesn’t have to be. I started with an addition that had been added to the room. My client had closed in part of their front porch to add some space and originally used it for a game room/exercise room.

They decided to revert it back to a master bedroom and needed a place to put their desk and a sewing table. On a tight budget, one of the least expensive ways to make a change with a big impact is to paint. In this case, I also found a dramatic wallpaper with a large pattern repeat from Home Depot. It wouldn’t break the bank but would definitely make a statement.

Since the space is small, I used the wallpaper to cover it all. Why not?


fabulous farmhouse style decor master bedroom study area Diva by Design Harlingen interior designer Mcallen interior decorator


The area rug was one the homeowner already owned and had all of the colors used in the design. This is another tip: pull your color palette from an area rug or favorite piece of art. It’s something you already love.

The desk and the sewing table belong to the client and like I said before, a quick coat of paint will update just about anything as long as it’s in good condition. They look brand new but the only cost was for the paint. A chandelier re-purposed from another room and also painted white adds to the Farmhouse style decor feel.

The black painted Windsor chairs along with the area rug ground the space. If you’re handy at sewing, making pillows isn’t very hard and will save money as well. The most expensive part of the space would be the Roman blinds. Saving up to have them custom-made is worth the expense because you will get what you want and they will last.


fabulous farmhouse style decor master bedroom desk area Diva by Design Harlingen interior decorator League City interior designer


Here’s another view of the desk area where I suggested adding shelving that stretches from wall to wall. You can build them yourself to save a little money, or have someone else build them for you. Wall shelves aren’t very expensive but they add lots of storage space and look good with all your accessories and books.

You can find corbels at yard sales, vintage shops, or at architectural salvage yards. The ribbon board you can also make yourself or find one at a craft store. Are you feeling the Farmhouse style decor yet?


Fabulous farmhouse style decor master bedroom sewing table area Diva by Design harlingen interior decorator Brownsville interior designer


For the sewing machine area, I added more shelving to store all those sewing supplies. It’s crazy how fast your stuff adds up isn’t it? I also placed a task light that hangs on the wall. If it was a table lamp, it might get in the way of the fabric while sewing. This way you have the light from the machine plus the lamp but they aren’t in the way. There’s a lot of Farmhouse style decor here for not a lot of money.


If you want to update your home, but your budget is small, why not hire me to give you a design plan that you can follow on your own like this homeowner? I call it DIY Design and you can call me to talk about what you need and/or to get your project started. To contact me CLICK HERE.


Fall Decorating Trends for 2017

fall decorating trends 2017 Diva by Design harlingen interior designer coffee table centerpiece

fall decorating trends 2017 Diva by Design harlingen interior decorator console table decor


Right now we’re talking about this year’s fall decorating trends. Fall doesn’t actually get here until Friday, September 22. Though I’ve noticed that once it turns September 1st, everybody gets excited and says, “Oh fall weather, fall weather!” And of course “pumpkin spice” everything starts showing up.

Right now it’s still hurricane weather, and not only are our thoughts and prayers with the people who are affected by Hurricane Harvey, but now we have Hurricane Irma to contend with in Florida. I happen to have family and friends who live in Florida as well as in Houston and I’m happy to report that they are safe. I wrote about What to do After a Flood and if you know someone who this blog post could help, please click on the title and share it with them.

Right now you can go into any store and see pumpkins. You’ll see a lot of orange, and a lot of Halloween, and Fall decorating trends are on our minds even if the weather is still hot. I usually don’t decorate for Fall but since I have a special Holiday decorating service, I thought I’d start off with Fall decor in my own house and show you what’s on trend this year.


fall decorating trends 2017 Diva by Design harlingen interior designer coffee table centerpiece


The Fall decorating trends this year are neutrals, tone on tone, whites and tans. Add to that lots of texture. Dried cotton bolls, deer antlers, faux fur and velvet. Mix in the white and green heirloom pumpkins and you have an easy Fall vignette that you can show off on top of your piano, a console table in your entry, your coffee table, or even a dining table centerpiece.

If the neutrals aren’t enough for you, add color. I added blue and white hydrangea and blue and white ceramics that I always have in my house. Blue and white can also be neutral but adds that hint of color you might miss. You can also add your collections in with your fall decorating. It’s a good way to display them and have a reason to use them. I talked about how to display your collections in my blog post How to Decorate with Collections. Always display the things that you love.


fall decorating trends 2017 Diva by Design harlingen interior designer decorating a piano top


If you love orange, then go for it. Bring in all of those fall colors, especially if you live in a part of the country that has the changing of the leaves. Believe me, I’m very jealous because I only get to see those in pictures. I don’t get to see them in person.

Another Fall decorating trend is white pumpkins with glitter, metallic pumpkins, and metallic candle holders. It doesn’t matter what color metal you choose. It all looks good though copper is popular right now.

Remember all those lanterns that have been popular lately? Don’t put them away. Fill them with white beans, black beans or coffee beans and put a candle in there that smells really nice. Or you can use those battery operated fairy lights instead of a candle.

Magnolia leaves are on trend right now because of the popularity of Farmhouse style decorating. Fall decorating usually has a farmhouse feel anyway since it’s harvest time. If you’re on Pinterest, you know you’re going to see Farmhouse. Farmhouse everything.

Another good Fall decorating trend is taking styrofoam pumpkins and decoupaging fabric on to them. You can use any color that you want that way. You don’t have to stick with the typical orange and yellow Fall colors.


Get a head start on decorating for Fall. If you would like help coming up with a theme or want someone to do it for you, my Holiday Decorating Service is perfect for you! Click on the link to book an appointment now. If your home needs a Fall Refresh before company starts arriving for the holidays, book a Design Work Session today. The cut off for ordering furniture that will arrive before Christmas is October 13th! It’s the same every year and after that date you won’t see your new things until after December.

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Update Your Home Decor Instantly with Color

update your home decor green Diva by Design harlingen interior designer

Today is all about the latest color trends and how to add them to update your home decor. Many times, you pick a color and then paint it, use it in your upholstery and you want to keep it because you invested money in your home. Then you want to update without changing everything.

I went to Vegas a couple of weeks ago to the World Market and there I saw a lot of new things. I noticed a lot of colors that are getting more and more popular. Lately it’s been grey everything and that has been around for the past five years, six, if not more. Now that it’s in all the stores, it’s actually starting to fade away in popularity. People still ask for it but what’s coming out instead of gray is greige and mushroom. So they’re adding beige to everybody’s favorite.


Update Your Home Decor with Green


One of the colors that I personally noticed the most was green. I’m not talking about a pale green, or a lime green. I am talking about bottle green. I saw it in velvet sofas and chairs. Mostly a big green statement piece to put in your living room.


update your home decor green Diva by Design harlingen interior designer interior decorator


It was very pretty and I encourage you to look at green as an option to go with grey. There are different ways you can use it. You can do the sofa, the chair, also add it in pillows, and your accessories. A good way to add green that you’re not going to get tired of is with your plants.

I always encourage people to use real plants in their home because plants clean the air. You can use Green with the next two colors on the list.


Update Your Home Decor with Blush


Blush is a very popular color right now and has been gaining in popularity.  It’s a good color to choose to update it because blush and grey look good together. You can use it on your walls and it makes your skin look great. Put it in the pillows, throw blankets, your accessories and art. It’s a nice neutral color, but it’s still a little bit of color if you’re afraid of adding a lot. You can use blush with green. It offsets that bright, saturated green.


update your home decor with blush Diva by Design mcallen interior designer interior decorator


You can also use blush with the next two colors.


Update Your Home Decor with Plum


The third color you can update your home decor with is plum. That one is also nice because it’s kind of greyish purple-y color. It’s not the Barney purple so it’s not ‘in your face’ with purple, but it looks great with grey, greige, and the mushroom colors that are starting to become more popular right now.


update your home decor with plum Diva by Design brownsville interior designer interior decorator


You can mix it with blush. Plum and blush are a pretty combination. And you can use it on your walls. I have a client who painted this curved wall in her kitchen, plum. We added mirrors and you can see that picture in my blog post, How to Decorate with Mirrors. You can use plum on your walls, in your accessories, use it with neutrals to bring in some color. It’s really nice. It blends well, I even added some wall paper with a plum background.

If you have mushroom colored walls use plum-colored drapes. You can actually use plum with green as well. Choose a deeper color instead of heading towards lavender.


Update Your Home Decor with Navy


Number four is navy. You may have seen that all over the place lately on walls. You can paint your front door navy. It’s a good color if you don’t wanna go full black. Using navy on your walls doesn’t make your room look dark. It actually looks really nice and I’ve done a few walls in a darker blue going towards navy.


update your home decor with navy Diva by Design league city interior designer interior decorator


A darker blue is pretty and sophisticated. Use it in your area rugs, pillows, drapes. Mix it with blush. That’s a nice combination. If you like the navy and white combination, which is one of my favorites, use color number five.


Update Your Home with Mustard


The fifth color that you may not realize is starting to gain popularity is mustard. Or a deep gold color. Not quite the seventies harvest gold, but a little bit more yellow.

If you want to mix in mustard, do it in small doses because that can be a another one of those colors like the green, that’s in your face. And if you’re only wanting to update, again, use it in your pillows, accessories, and in your throw blankets, and this is one of those words that I don’t like, but it is a good ‘pop’ of color. It’s a good in a small dose.


update your home decor with mustard Diva by Design harlingen interior designer interior decorator


And you may, after a while, decide that you like it so much that you want to paint your walls that color. My favorite room to use that mustard-y gold color paint is in a west-facing room. The reason that I like it so much is because when the sun goes down and you get that glow in the evening, those walls will absolutely glow and it’s very pretty.

Mustard is one of those colors that people either hate or love. If you want to learn to love it, that’s the room to paint that color.

About Diva by Design

A little news for me, I had a photo shoot a few weeks ago of a new project that I recently finished. I’m going to be posting those pictures on my website this week. I’m going to post some teaser pictures here and on Instagram with a link to my portfolio page so you can see all of them if you’d like. I will have a blog post about the project too. And speaking of Instagram, If you would like to follow me on Instagram, you can find me here: @mydivabydesign.

If you want some help updating and using figuring out how to use color and add it into the new trending colors added to your home, you can go to and you can find out more about my interior design services and I will be adding an accessories package this week as well. Sometimes you want a full update, and sometimes you just want to do the accessories.


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How to Decorate with Mirrors

how to decorate with mirrors

The first week of August, I went to Las Vegas Market. What is Las Vegas Market? It’s basically a big shopping mall. But, it’s one you can only visit with your interior designer. You can’t go unless you’re with me! I found quite a few new design ideas, but one that I saw that really stood out to me. It had to do with mirrors. So I thought I’d share with you some new ideas about how to decorate with mirrors.

I saw a lot of mirrors. I saw big mirrors, small mirrors, in between mirrors. That’s one of my favorite things to use in a design.My favorite thing about mirrors is basically the frame. I like the big chunky frames. In fact, my favorite mirror is the sun burst mirror. It’s one that never truly goes out of style. It’s a classic.

What stood out to me about the mirrors were walls of mirrors. And I’m not talking about the 1970’s big old wall of mirrors with the veining and the smoky glass. I’m talking about multiples of the same mirror. You know, not one or two, or three, or four, I’m talking about 12, 15, 20. Big wall of mirrors that go all the way up to the ceiling making a big statement. And, it’s not a collection of different types of mirrors. What what I saw were the same mirror or similar mirrors used as a group instead of one large mirror.

how to decorate with mirrors Diva by Design harlingen interior designer mcallen interior designer rio grande valley interior designer


But, what’s so great about a wall of mirrors and why am I telling you how to decorate with mirrors? People still talk about painting an accent wall and my thing is, “Okay the 1990’s called and they want their accent wall back.” A much more up to date version of the accent wall would be to use wallpaper, but if you don’t want to do that use mirrors.

Buy nine or twelve smaller mirrors and group them up the wall above a console table. You can do that in your entry way, or you can put it in your dining room. If you don’t have a china cabinet, you can do a sideboard which is basically the bottom half of the china cabinet. Then do the same thing, have your mirrors going up the wall from there with a couple of buffet lamps on either side. That would be very pretty You could also use them at the end of a long hallway that doesn’t get a lot of light because mirrors bounce the natural light and the hallway wouldn’t be so long and dark. I talk more about how to increase natural light in your home HERE.


how to decorate with mirrors Diva by Design harlingen interior decorator mcallen interior decorator rio grande valley interior decorator



In feng shui, mirrors are used two different ways. One, they’re used to move energy. Putting a mirror perpendicular to window to bounce the light out into the room and to move the energy that comes in from outside. And the other way is as a double. Anything that you see in the mirror obviously is going to be doubled. In feng shui, they like to use mirrors in the dining room to reflect the table and that symbolizes wealth and good fortune. When you have the food on the table and you double it, that’s a symbolic way of saying you have more.

I’m not really superstitious, but in feng shui the wall of mirrors that I’ve been talking about is actually a no-no. The reason is because you’re supposed to use the big wall of mirrors or one large mirror that doesn’t cut off your reflection. But since I’m not superstitious, I say go for it because I really like the way it looks. I did a smaller version of this in one of my clients homes on a curved wall in their kitchen. As you can see in the picture, I mixed small mirrors with three-dimensional pieces to turn their wall into a statement. I originally wanted to fill the entire wall top to bottom with the same small mirror, but since they have a toddler, I figured that would not be a good idea. So, I found a compromise.


how to decorate with mirrors


Before you make any changes in your home, always consider who lives there and how you actually use your space. This is where someone like me, an interior designer or decorator can help you. We ask lots of questions that you may not have thought about so that we can give you a design plan and ideas that will fit you. If you’re ready to get started on your next interior design project or need help with how to decorate with mirrors in your home, CLICK HERE.


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The Top Interior Design Fabric Trend for 2017

top interior design fabric trend 2017 Diva by Design Interiors harlingen interior designer

Said to say, but 2016 is quickly coming to an end. But on the other hand, 2017 has some exciting interior design fabric trends that you can easily add to your home to update your style. I happen to like all of these and I hope you do too.


#1 Top Interior Design Fabric Trend for 2017  – Ethnic Prints


interior design fabric trend for 2017 Diva by Design Interiors harlingen
Suzani, mudcloth, and shibori fabrics


There are so many variations to choose from to give your home some history and tell your story through fabric. From Suzani and mudcloth to shibori, the unique patterns and texture add a well-traveled air to your space. Use them to upholster furniture such as a side chair or an ottoman. Or you can have drapes or pillows made to add texture and color to a neutral room.


#2 Top Interior Design Fabric Trend for 2017 – Bold Trim


interior design fabric trend tassels Diva by Design Interiors Harlingen
Ansley Tassel Duvet Cover from Ballard Designs


This is the perfect way to add color and make what you already have feel more modern. We seem to be moving away from the neutral, sleek lines that have been so popular lately to a more unique and personal way of decorating. Fabric trims such as piping in a contrasting color on upholstered furniture or pillows, large tassels, and pompoms are showing up as a trend. Use them to accent your drapes, pillows, and bedding for a designer look.


#3 Top Interior Design Fabric Trend for 2017 – Velvet


Interior Design Fabric Trend for 2017 Diva by Design Interiors Mcallen


Yay! Velvet! It’s a classic, but now it comes in cool, modern colors and adds softness and texture to your decor. From drapes, upholstery, pillows, and wall coverings, velvet is very popular especially in the cooler months.


#4 Top Interior Design Fabric Trend for 2017 – Blues, Greens, & Grays


top interior design fabric trend 2017 Diva by Design Interiors harlingen interior designer


This one isn’t really a specific fabric but the colors that are being mixed in interiors to update the neutral grays. Add in blues and greens to go with the gray and you are right on trend. bright jewel tones mixed with concrete grays add sophistication to your interiors. This includes all fabrics from cotton to silk.

Don’t be afraid to add any of these to what you have. Throw pillows are the easiest way to do it and you can change them out for different seasons.


If you want help with your holiday decorating, I have a Holiday Decorating Service here in the Rio Grande Valley or online through E-design. I’m Christina Rodriguez and I am the face behind Diva by Design Interiors. You can read more about Diva by Design here.   I’m just like my About page! I promise! 😉 If you’re interested in working with me on your next interior design project click the image below to see how. You can also go HERE to let me know that you want a FREE 30 minute phone consultation.

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How to Upgrade Your Florida Room Interior Design Like a Rock Star


If you’re on the lookout for stylish decorating ideas for your house, here are five tips that you can choose from that will stand the test of time.

I was recently inspired by Douglas Elliman and their South Florida property to create my dream Florida room. The challenge was to create a Florida room from my perspective. Since I live in South Texas, I don’t have a Florida room which is sort of we would call a combination of sun porch and a den.

Since my parents and grandparents were all from Florida, and I spent three years of my childhood and every summer there for vacations, I knew exactly what a Florida room is and I gave my design an updated Traditional feel.


stylish decorating ideas Diva by Design Interiors Florida room interior design mood board



Original artwork – No one else will have it and you can choose from the colors used in the paintings to use in your decor. I took my color cues from the artwork by my designer friend Terri Davis. She lives in Florida and along with beautiful interior design she is also an artist. You can see more of her work here.  

Below are the two paintings so you can see the detail better. These are the originals, but Terri has prints available if you like. Beautiful aren’t they? Notice the names of the paintings? We both thought that was interesting that I chose them since I was creating a Florida room and I live in Texas.


Diva by Design Interiors stylish decorating ideas Florida room
Terri Davis Art & Design | Texas Sunset 3 and Texas Sunset 4


Stylish Decorating Idea #2

Light or white furniture – if you have some tired looking vintage furniture that’s still in good condition, you can easily update it with a coat of paint. Mixed with darker wood it keeps things interesting.

Stylish Decorating Idea #3

Play with pattern – You can see that I used an area rug in a watery abstract pattern that pulls together all of the colors and is similar to the feel of the art except in a neutral version. Your pillows don’t have to match as long as you have similar colors. I added an animal print just because.


stylish decorating ideas mixing patterns Diva by Design Interiors Mcallen interior design services

Slice of nature area rug Surya Diva by Design Interiors stylish decorating ideas


Stylish Decorating Idea #4

Gold – In the antiqued brass of the light fixture and the accessories, gold is very “now” and it looks great with blue.

Stylish Decorating Idea #5

Natural materials and accessories from nature – In my mind, a Florida room should have these elements to bring a little of the outdoors inside. The palm tree and the seashell are reminders of the tropics, but not over the top. 

For the background of the room, I pictured a natural grass-cloth wallpaper and dark wood floors. These are two traditional materials that are timeless and classic. This is what it would look like:


traditional transitional stylish decorating ideas Florida room Diva by Design Interiors Harlingen Mcallen


So there you have it! My interpretation of a Florida room and some stylish decorating ideas that will stand the test of time. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

I’m Christina Rodriguez and I am the face behind Diva by Design Interiors. You can read more about Diva by Design here. And if you’re interested in working with me on your next interior design project click the image below to see how. 


Diva by Design Interiors Harlingen home interior design services stylish decorating ideas


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